1. A minimum 50% CO2e emissions reduction across the sector by 2030*

2. Zero Waste** operations by 2030, where facilities allow.


* From 2018/2019 levels.

** Defined as nothing entering landfills or natural environments




GCC members will:

  • Take immediate and effective actions to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, by following the Decarbonisation Action Plan.

  • Submit regular carbon reports, either via GCC’s free carbon calculator or by conducting carbon audits with an environmental agency/freelance advisor. Aim to do this on an annual basis.

  • Take responsibility of remaining emissions by supporting GCC’s Strategic Climate Funds (SCFs) at a CO2e/tonnes price between $50-100.

  • Establish a Green Ambassador or Green Team within your organisation to liaise with GCC and implement environmental policies.

  • Work towards zero-waste and circular operations.

  • Recognise and mitigate embedded climate injustice.

  • Communicate commitments via a sustainability statement that is visible on your website and/or social media


In turn, GCC will:

  • Make its tools and resources freely available to all.

  • Provide reliable and actionable information and advice.

  • Leverage our members and community to lobby for industry-wide systemic change.

  • Build an international aligned network of individuals and organisations working collaboratively towards the same goals.

  • Support an active forum for sharing information, ideas, and expertise.

  • Arrange events and roundtable discussions on relevant topics.

  • Develop new research, and tools to inform and educate members. 

  • Identify and work to remove obstacles leading to inaction in our sector.

  • Commission reports on sector-specific issues.

  • Establish and support GCC Region-Specific Groups around the world.

  • Collaborate with and promote other organisations working towards the same goals.