Since launching, GCC has become an international organisation with a membership of over 450. 


GCC maintains a member-led, non-hierarchical organisational structure, which promotes transparency and collegiality. Equality, diversity and professionalism are core values.  


GCC currently employs two individuals part-time to oversee the management of the charity and coordination of the various committees and projects: Heath Lowndes (Managing Director) and Aoife Fannin (Administrative Assistant).


Board of Trustees 


The board of trustees has been set up to fulfil the legal requirements of a charity registered in the UK. As such, all trustees will be UK based. The trustee’s responsibilities relate to financial management, recruitment, maintaining standards and fulfilling the charities requirements. 


International Steering Committee


Following the international expansion of the GCC, it was necessary for the Founding Committee to restructure to allow for better management of global and regional operations. This led to the formation of the International Steering Committee, which meets monthly and is mainly composed of the original Founding Committee, as well as representatives from each Regional Group. The responsibility of the International Steering Committee is to oversee international operations, including but not limited to: fundraising, lobbying, commissioning research, developing and revising resources, collaborations and partnerships, devising campaigns and generally steering the charity towards its targets. 


Regional Groups 


GCC Regional Groups are semi-autonomous committees that represent GCC locally and internationally whilst developing region-specific content and resources in line with the general guidelines on the GCC website. These groups are self-organised and self-motivated, but remain aligned with the commitments and targets of GCC. As long as these groups fulfill GCC commitments and adhere to agreed responsibilities, they may manage themselves as they see fit.


GCC currently has Regional Groups in London & Berlin. There has been strong international interest and it is likely that further Regional Groups will form.




GCC’s subcommittees are responsible for conducting research into the various resource strands e.g. Shipping, Packaging and Travel or for managing specific aspects of the organisation i.e Fundraising, Events and Editorial. These are international groups and comprised of members who have volunteered to take a proactive role within the organisation. Subcommittee leaders report back to the International Steering Committee.




In addition to the GCC Team there are several regular contributors who are paid to provide ongoing services that require expertise such as environmental consultancy, event moderators and editorial contributions etc. GCC aims to pay freelancers fairly at the market value. 




GCC volunteers are registered members that contribute professionally to the charity free of charge as an in kind donation. All of these volunteers own or work for a business that is able to provide their services without loss of earnings or have offered their time whilst under the salary of their employer. GCC will not ask professionals to work for free and will only accept donations of labour from non-contracted individuals if they voluntarily waive their fees.