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International Volunteer Groups



GCC's International Volunteer Groups are semi-autonomous chapters that represent GCC locally and internationally. These groups develop region-specific content and resources in line with GCC guidelines. 


GCC has region-specific teams in Berlin, Los Angeles and London with several more forthcoming. 


These groups are self-organised and self-motivated whilst remaining aligned with GCC’s commitments and targets. As long as Regions-Specific Groups are maintaining the coalition commitments as well as fulfilling their responsibilities they may manage themselves as they see fit.


International Volunteer Group Principles & Responsibilities

Include but not limited to:

● Developing effective regional guidelines and resources.

● Conducting thorough and relevant local research.

● Engaging actively with local cultural and environmental communities.

● Reporting back to GCC International Steering Committee with quarterly status updates.

● Scheduling regular meetings - suggested twice monthly.

● Sending a representative to attend monthly GCC International Steering Committee


● Consulting with approved environmental experts and industry leaders when


● Managing the regional group’s web pages in the GCC Members Area.

● Maintaining an active ‘city forum’.

● Conducting local member recruitment.

● Encouraging local members to complete carbon reports using GCC carbon


● Establishing positive relationships with local suppliers, services and product

providers as well as encouraging them to adopt best practices in line with GCC


● Communicating details of region-specific laws and regulations to members,

particularly where it intersects with GCC guidelines.

● Supporting coalition lobbying and launching local campaigns.

● Hosting local events and discussion groups.

● Contributing to GCC’s international subcommittees, resources, events, news content

and social media.

● Encouraging local members to adhere to GCC’s commitments and guidelines.

● Further the GCC mission in their region.

● Operate within the framework of the GCC and maintain the standards that have been


● Remain dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of climate


● Highlight the most pressing regional environmental concerns.

● Be a genuinely positive and visible presence in the region’s art community. Virtue

signalling and greenwashing should be avoided.

● Proactively interact with the international GCC network. Regular communication is


● Operate within GCC’s financial guidelines.


For more information on starting a GCC group in your region: