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Research Groups & Action Teams 


GCC Research Groups are international teams made up of members who have volunteered to take a proactive role within GCC. The groups are responsible for researching and developing resources and establishing best practice for sector-related issues including Shipping, Packaging and Travel. Information gathered is then verified by our environmental advisors and made available to all via the GCC website on our Resource pages


Similar to the Research Groups, there are GCC Action Teams made up of volunteer members who are responsible for managing specific aspects and activities of the organisation such as Fundraising, Events and Editorial.



Research Groups & Action Teams Principles & Responsibilities

These include but are not limited to:

● Developing effective international guidelines and resources.

● Scheduling regular meetings - suggested once monthly.

● Conducting thorough and internationally relevant research and providing updates to the Resource pages with new findings.

● Consulting with approved environmental experts and industry leaders when


● Develop partnerships and positive industry relationships with relevant suppliers, services and products.

● Support and develop campaigns relevant to the area of research.

● Hosting events and discussion groups.

● Contributing to GCC news content and social media.

● Support coalition lobbying.

● Further the GCC mission in their specific area of research.

● Operate within the framework of the GCC and maintain the standards that have been


● Remain dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of climate


● Be a genuinely positive and visible presence in the community. Virtue

signalling and greenwashing should be avoided.

● Proactively interact with the international GCC network. Regular communication is


● Operate within GCC’s financial guidelines.



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