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This free online tool is designed to help estimate the carbon footprint of your business based on metrics common to most art galleries in today’s international art world. It aims to be as easy-to-use as possible and provide a quick breakdown of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions.


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Travel (Flights)

Click in the first column and start typing (e.g. 'London Heathrow' or 'LHR') to add an origin and destination airport. Add at least two airports to define a route and add stopovers if required. Total passenger distance and carbon values are automatically calculated. Click and type in the last row to create new rows.

Total distance (flights): 0 (km) 0 (m)
Carbon footprint (flights): 0 (tCO2e)


Air Freight

Flight routes are defined in the same way as Passenger Flights, above. Enter the combined weight of all goods and packaging in kilograms. Based on previous carbon audits, an assumption has been made of an average of 40 km 25 miles of road journey by truck at either end of each journey.

Total distance (air freight): 0 (km) 0 (m)
Carbon footprint (air freight): 0 (tCO2e)

Sea Freight

Please enter shipping routes in the first column in the form 'London to Tokyo' or 'New York to Los Angeles'. The calculator does not automatically calculate sea routes. Please look up sea distances in nautical miles here: ports.com

Total distance (ocean freight): 0 (km) 0 (m)
Carbon footprint (ocean freight): 0 (tCO2e)

Road Freight (Truck/HGV)

Please enter routes manually in the form 'London to Rome' or 'New York to Los Angeles' and use Google Maps to look up road distances.

Total distance (road transport): 0 (km) 0 (m)
Carbon footprint (road transport): 0 (tCO2e)


The calculator contains carbon factors for several countries and most US states. If a country or location is not listed it will currently be ignored. If you only have energy consumption data for the whole of a shared building, please enter energy consumption for the entire building and a percentage representing your share of the total.


*The carbon saving from green tariffs is complicated and varies between suppliers and tariffs. This tool calculates your carbon footprint based on normal grid electricity.

Carbon footprint (energy): 0 (tCO2e)



Train travel

Due to a lack of available data, this section is currently for UK or European businesses only.

Carbon footprint (trains): 0 (tCO2e)

Taxi travel

Enter the total amount spent in each location. Carbon output is based on average distance travelled, estimated from taxi fare data in supported countries and cities. Note that the carbon value may go up in some cases if you select 'By Ride-Share/Uber' which may seem counter-intuitive but reflects the fact that fares are generally lower so the relative distance travelled will be higher.

Carbon footprint (taxis): 0 (tCO2e)

Car travel (other)


Carbon footprint (other cars): 0 (tCO2e)

Local artwork transportation

This section is based on an average journey distance by van or local courier. Please estimate this based on your location and enter the number of journeys in each category - it's fine to enter estimates if you don't know the exact amounts.


Carbon footprint (local artwork transportation): 0 (tCO2e)


If your shipping companies have kept records of the weight of packaging they used to transport your orders, please enter the figures here. The resulting carbon value is based upon a professional estimate of art shipping typically comprising 95% wood and 5% plastic:

Amount (kg)

Carbon footprint (packaging): 0 (tCO2e)


Please enter details of any books, catalogues or brochures you have had printed.

Carbon footprint (printing): 0 (tCO2e)