• All GCC’s work is underpinned by two clear targets, which all members must commit to supporting before joining the coalition.

    1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the sector by a minimum of 50% by 2030, based on 2018/2019 levels. This target is in line with the UN and IPCC’s goals for keeping global heating below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    2. Zero Waste operations by 2030, where regional waste management facilities allow. ‘Zero Waste’ is defined here as ‘nothing entering landfills or natural environments’.

  • GCC member's will:

    • Take immediate and effective actions to reduce the environmental impact of their activities in line with GCC’s 2030 targets.

    • Submit regular carbon reports, either via GCC’s free carbon calculator or by conducting carbon audits with an environmental agency / freelance advisor. Ideally on an annual basis.

    • Set and follow a Decarbonisation Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 - based on a pre-Covid baseline.

    • Compensate for remaining emissions by donating to approved organisations. We strongly recommend supporting GCC’s Strategic Climate Funds (SCFs).

    • Establish a Green Ambassador or Green Team within your organisation to liaise with GCC and implement environmental policies.

    • Recognise and mitigate embedded climate injustice.


    In turn, GCC will:

    • Make its tools and resources freely available to all.

    • Provide reliable and actionable information and advice.

    • Leverage our members and community to lobby for industry-wide systemic change.

    • Support an active forum for sharing information, ideas, and expertise.

    • Arrange events and roundtable discussions on relevant topics.

    • Develop new research, and tools to inform and educate members. 

    • Identify and work to remove obstacles leading to inaction in our sector.

    • Commission reports on sector-specific issues.

    • Establish and support International Volunteer Teams in order to implement GCC’s principles within art hubs around the world.

    • Collaborate with and promote other organisations working towards the same goals.



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