Launching 'Artists For ClientEarth'

3 Aug 2021

Launching 'Artists For ClientEarth'

3 Aug 2021

A landmark new collaborative initiative for the art world to combat climate change.


GCC has joined forces with global auction house and GCC patron, Christie’s and environmental charity ClientEarth to create a new collaborative initiative: Artists for ClientEarth.

At ClientEarth, we use the power of law to build a brighter, healthier future for people and nature to thrive together. We use law creatively to drive systemic change, and rebalance the power between people, governments, and industry. Art and culture will thrive when people and nature are defended. So we are passionate about bringing environmental protection into the heart of the art world. That’s why we are so thrilled by the support for our mission by Christie’s and the Gallery Climate Coalition through Artists for ClientEarth. It is a truly great pleasure for ClientEarth to be associated with and supported by the outstanding works of these artists.’  - James Thornton, Founding CEO, ClientEarth

Exceptional works by major international artists, including Cecily Brown, Antony Gormley, Rashid Johnson, Beatriz Milhazes and Xie Nanxing, will be placed for auction in Christie’s 20th / 21st Century marquee sales in London, New York and Hong Kong over the next year, generously donated by the artists and their galleries – Thomas Dane Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, and White Cube – to raise funds directly in support of ClientEarth. Crucially, each sale will offer local works that are local to that location as far as possible, thereby cutting down on shipping – a key source of carbon emissions produced by the art world. 


Cecily Brown’s There’ll be bluebirds, 2019, will be the first work to be offered in this series of seven sales. There’ll be bluebirds debuted in the artist’s solo exhibition at Blenheim Palace in September 2020. 


Gallery Climate Coalition has undertaken this initiative for ClientEarth in acknowledgement that, while the commercial art world contributes to the climate crisis, it is also has the potential to become a prime source of positive and meaningful change, both through systemic transformation of industry practices, and through supporting and highlighting the important work that others are doing.

‘ClientEarth works with great respect within each situation, and whether conserving the forests or fighting to stop coal-fired power stations, local communities are always at the heart of their work. This is essential action that needs support.’ - Beatriz Milhazes

Partnering with ClientEarth moves the conversation forward and presents a critical opportunity to galvanise the art world through philanthropy, action and education. 


ClientEarth approaches the climate crisis in a unique and systemic way, by using the law to challenge industries, corporations and governments that are involved in the most polluting activities. ClientEarth’s team of specialist lawyers in hubs in Europe, Asia and the US use their skills and training to, among other things, block new coal power plants from being built, force governments to clean up air pollution, and pressure leading multilateral lenders to withdraw funding for fossil fuels. 


The GCC and Christie’s have come together with ClientEarth to raise money, awareness and support from the art world for this essential work through the Artists for ClientEarth initiative. 

‘The law must be enforced and strengthened in order to protect what we have always taken for granted: the creatures, plants, and people on which the future of the planet relies. I am delighted to be supporting ClientEarth in all its tenacious, vital work.’ - Antony Gormley

Artists for Client Earth will launch with the sale of There’ll be bluebirds, 2019 by Cecily Brown at Christie’s evening sale in London on 15th October 2021.  In November 2021, Rashid Johnson will be featured in the New York sale, and Xie Nanxing will be featured in the Hong Kong sale. Antony Gormley, Beatriz Milhazes, and further artists to be announced soon, will be presented in the February and June sales in 2022.