• From Spring 2023, 'Active Membership' will be awarded to GCC members who can demonstrate that their organisation has implemented environmental sustainability best practice in line with GCC guidance, via three simple criteria:

    1. Completed a CO2e report or audit within the last two years.

    2. Established and maintained a Green Team.

    3. Published an environmental responsibility statement.

    (Further details about criteria and how to fulfil them are outlined here.)

    Qualifying members will receive a badge for use across their platforms and will be celebrated  on the GCC member list. These members will qualify for additional benefits and discounts from carefully selected partner organisations.

    In two years, GCC membership has grown to 800 plus,  including institutions, artists, art fairs, auction houses and commercial galleries as well as a wide range of individual professionals from more than 40 countries. Upon registration, all members agree to take urgent and effective action as part of the Coalition Commitments. However, simply signing up to the coalition does not guarantee that the necessary actions are then taken.

    The ‘Active Member’ initiative has been introduced to distinguish those who have taken action, as well as incentivising those yet to do so.


    Active Membership Details

    Active Membership will be awarded to organisations who can demonstrate they have:

    1. Completed a CO2e report or audit within the last two years and set reduction targets accordingly, either via GCC’s free carbon calculator or through a reputable external auditor. This data does not need to be publicly published - although this is encouraged - but members are required to share their results with GCC, which will remain confidential.

    2. Established and maintained a Green Team (or for small organisations, a Green Ambassador) that meets regularly, and is responsible for implementing best practice within their organisation and collecting and analysing data. Please provide the minutes from at least 3 team meetings as well as a list of the team members and their email addresses. 

    3. Published an environmental responsibility statement outlining their commitment to action. This should be accessible via member websites. Please provide a link to the webpage.

    GCC acknowledges that for independent freelancers or small teams these criteria may not be achievable in the context of their operations or can be difficult to evidence. Freelancers, independent workers and small teams who are GCC members and feel they have taken adequate steps towards environmental responsibility but are not able to fulfil this criteria, should contact the GCC Team, who may use their discretion to award Active Membership. However, exceptions will only be made for individual professionals or teams of three or less, and for those that can demonstrate a genuine commitment.




    Active Member Badge

    As part of the initiative, GCC will provide qualifying members with a badge to recognise and celebrate the action that they have taken. The badge may be used on member websites, social media, email footers etc. They will be year-stamped and members will have to re-submit annually if they would like to retain the latest Active designation. The new badge will replace the current Carbon Reporting badge.


    The badge acknowledges positive action taken. It is not a certification of sustainability.



    Benefits & Partnerships 

    As a further incentive for members to achieve active status, GCC will be negotiating benefits and discounts with carefully considered partners who can offer products and services inline with principles of sustainability, or help members fulfil their reduction targets. Offers may vary regionally. If you would like to collaborate on active member partnerships, please contact  info@galleryclimatecoalition.org




    Disclaimer: The Active Member designation acknowledges those who are actively trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. It is not a verification of sustainability.


    In some circumstances, GCC may also require members to take specific further actions in order to qualify as an Active Member. For example, if GCC becomes aware of a member undertaking any external activities that GCC considers to seriously undermine its commitment to environmental responsibility (such as a promotional partnership with a fossil fuel company or other highly polluting industry), GCC may ask that member to stop those activities before being classified as an active member. These kinds of issues will be considered on a case by case basis, in consultation with environmental advisors.


    GCC reserves the right to challenge submitted data and ask for clarification if the information provided is not substantial enough. Active members will be required to re-submit annually in order to qualify. However, the defining criteria may develop and be expanded in the future


    GCC does not have the capacity to verify all voluntarily submitted evidence and / or vet each member's activities—it trusts that members complete the work truthfully and in good faith.




    How do I qualify? 

    Active status will be awarded to members who are able to provide evidence of completing a CO2e report or audit within the last two years, established and maintained a Green Team, and published an environmental responsibility statement. More details on the 3 simple criteria here. 

    How do I submit my application?

    Members can submit their active member application via email to info@galleryclimatecoalition.org. Please provide all the required information in pdf format and any additional materials / proof that is relevant. Please use the email subject line: “Active Membership - [Year] - [Name/ Organisation Name]”.

    This is currently a rolling initiative, and members will be able to submit their 2022 Active Membership application up until 30th March 2023. However, we suggest you submit sooner rather than later.

    Why is the badge awarded on an annual basis?

    By reassessing active membership annually, GCC is able to ensure that consistent action is celebrated and is reflective of a continued commitment to environmental sustainability. 

    Is there a deadline for submission?

    This is a rolling initiative, but we suggest you submit sooner rather than later.

    A list of badge recipients will be published and other GCC members lists will be updated in Spring 23, with an exact date to be announced before the end of the year.

    Where and how will my organisation be recognised as 'active?'

    A list will be published and website members lists will be updated in Spring 23, with an exact date to be announced before the end of the year.


    Members may choose to post their badge on social media, on their website or email footer. GCC advises that members include a link to the Active Membership page and tag GCC in any posts.

    What benefits do active members receive?

    We will be announcing these throughout 2023. Please keep an eye on our newsletters and social media accounts for updates!

    I am an individual/my team is small and does not have the budget or capacity to maintain a Green Team and or/complete a carbon report. Does this mean we are not able to qualify as active members? 

    If you feel you may qualify as an active member but that as an individual professional, artist, or small business (3 staff or less), you can't fully complete the 3 criteria detailed above, please contact the GCC team. 

    I would like to offer discounts and benefits for my company's products and services to GCC's Active Members, how can I do that?

    Discount partners will be carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards and goals of the coalition. If this sounds like your company, please get in touch with us.

    If my organisation doesn't meet the active criteria, does that mean I'm no longer part of GCC?

    Absolutely not! The active member initiative has been introduced to celebrate those who have taken action as well as incentivising those who are yet to do so. Anyone who doesn't meet the active membership criteria will remain a GCC member.