By joining the GCC, all members pledge to:  


  • Agree to GCC targets, and commit to making positive steps towards reducing emissions and improving sustainability. The GCC’s target is to collectively reduce our industry’s carbon emission by at least 50% by 2030 and achieve near zero-waste practices.

  • Have their gallery, organisation, or individual name listed in this members section, on the GCC website.

  • Nominate an individual from their organisation to act as a GCC contact. This contact will need to provide their name, contact number, and email address, and will be responsible for representing their organisation in discussions and any future events.

  • The GCC hopes that gallery members will do a carbon audit annually in order to track their emissions and implement change. However, it is a gallery’s own decision whether to make their findings public or not. Founding team Gallery Members agreed to share their audits. Their findings can be seen here.

  • Please note that: data generated from galleries calculator inputs will be used anonymously  by the GCC for research purposes. In the course of this research some data may be anonymously shared with limited relevant third parties. 


 What the GCC offers for members: 


  • To become part of an international network of like minded galleries and art workers.
  • Access to ongoing resources, tools, and advice to help reach environmental targets.
  • A regular newsletter sharing the latest information from GCC, and examples of who is doing what.
  • The GCC website has a news section. All members are urged to submit material for this section.
  • The GCC aims to become a platform for debate, discussion and sharing of ideas. The site will host webinars, commission short films, publish interviews and other relevant content. Members will have access to all these events as well as the opportunity to be active participants in suggesting wider content.





GCC is a registered charity.


Members are asked to contribute a voluntary donation at the point of joining. All funds raised through membership or other donations will be used to sustain and expand day-to-day operations, conduct research, develop new tools, and host ongoing events.