GCC LA: a new branch of the Gallery Climate Coalition working to reduce carbon emissions across the art sector.

The Gallery Climate Coalition is pleased to announce the formation of GCC LA, a new chapter of the international charity that will develop a dedicated platform of environmental information and resources for California-based art organizations and professionals. 


GCC’s core goal is a commitment to the Paris agreement: that is, to meet the necessary reductions in carbon emissions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. This means finding solutions for the art industry to collectively achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. GCC intends to instigate a smooth transition to this target by aligning an international network of art practitioners to the same aims and sustainability guidelines.


GCC LA grew out of several months of discussions culminating in an event hosted by MOCA Director Klaus Biesenbach and Art to Acres Founder Haley Mellin. Following this presentation GCC received an enthusiastic response from the LA art community which led to a group of volunteers offering to establish a GCC volunteer team in the city. The group brings together the expertise and will of a cross-section of individuals from LA’s contemporary art scene.


The founding committee of GCC LA will work closely with galleries, institutions, artists, art businesses as well as environmental advisors to pool knowledge and resources and develop region-specific research on a wide range of topics, from energy providers to art storage, shipping best practices to packaging alternatives.


Simultaneously, the group will promote GCC’s carbon calculator amongst the region's members. This tool is specifically tailored to the art industry to provide users with the means to determine and monitor their carbon footprint, completely free of charge: a vital first step towards meeting reduction targets. See the latest published carbon reports here.


Although environmental problems are global, possible solutions are often linked to local resources, which can only be researched and developed by a team with boots on the ground. This is why GCC operates at both the local and global levels to implement GCC’s key principles of collaboration and action, which in turn will lead to significant systemic change. GCC LA is the second dedicated international sub-group to form, following the launch of GCC Berlin in April 2021.


The founding committee of GCC LA comprises:
Carl Johns - Hauser & Wirth
China Short - Regen Projects
David Johnson - Act4Ent / MOCA EC
Hanako Williams - Gagosian
Joao Ribas - Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theatre (REDCAT)
Karisa Morante, Breeana Thorne - Blum & Poe
Kelsey Shell - Zlot Buell Art Advisory
Morgan Waltz - Kristina Kite
Russell Fortmeyer - Arup
Siobhan Bradley - Roberts Projects
Tara Hadibrata - Regen Projects


GCC encourages new members and volunteers. All are welcome. Get in touch via la@galleryclimatecoalition.org or @galleryclimatecoalition


July 28, 2021