GCC Carbon Report Badges

As part of GCC’s recently launched Carbon Reporting Campaign, the charity will be offering Carbon Report Badges to members who have completed an annual report. These can be  displayed on the individual or organisation's website and social media channels, and are a way of recognising and celebrating the positive actions they have taken.


We hope that as many members as possible will complete carbon reports and proudly share their badges to show their active participation in the GCC initiative. Any gallery, artist studio, art sector business or individual who has submitted a carbon report either by using the free GCC carbon calculator or via a carbon audit with an external consultant are eligible to receive the badge. 


Whilst we strongly encourage all members to publish their report results on their own, and/or the GCC website it is not a requirement to qualify for the badge. However, evidence of a completed report must be verified. This information will remain private unless permission is given to share the results.


The Carbon Report Badges indicate whether a member has completed their report for a specific year. Badges are currently available for 2018, 2019 and 2020 and will be produced annually until at least the 2030 target. 


As the data for the GCC calculator is submitted voluntarily and completed in good faith, we are not able to check the calculation for every individual report. These badges, therefore,  function as acknowledgements of a member taking positive action and not as a verification of accuracy or sustainability certification. The badges will not be awarded to members who have only submitted partial data for individual projects or specific areas of emissions.


In the coming months we will be reformatting our members’ lists to show who has been active and upholding the coalition commitments. Don't be left behind!


If you have completed an annual audit get in touch with us to receive yours now via



August 3, 2021