Announcing Active Member Badges

21 Feb 2023

Announcing Active Member Badges

21 Feb 2023

As part of the GCC’s recently launched Active Members initiative, GCC will provide qualifying members with an annual badge to recognise and celebrate the environmental action they have taken. 

The Active Member badge will replace the current Carbon Reporting badge

Members may choose to display their badge on social media channels, websites, email footers etc. GCC advises members to include a link to the Active Membership page and tag GCC in any posts on social media. 

Badges will be year-stamped and members will have to re-submit annually if they would like to retain the up-to-date  Active designation. Badges will soon be available for 2022, and will be produced annually until at least the 2030 target.

The Active Member Badge acknowledges members who have taken positive action in line with the demonstrable criteria outlined, but it is not a certification of sustainability. GCC does not have the capacity to verify all voluntarily submitted evidence.t trusts that members complete the work truthfully and in good faith.

In the coming months we will be reformatting our members’ lists to show who has been active and upholding the coalition commitments. Don't be left behind!




  • “Active Member” Badges are an acknowledgement of actions taken. They are not a verification of an organisation's environmental sustainability credentials. GCC is not set up to award certifications of sustainability. 

  • Badges are awarded retrospectively for a given period and are therefore date-stamped for the year gone. Thus are representative of actions taken up to the point of designation and not permanent.

  • The definition of “Active Member” may change over time and GCC reserves the right to revoke Active Member status if the member is no longer active or misuses the badge.