Updates to GCC Membership

30 Oct 2022

Updates to GCC Membership

30 Oct 2022

To coincide with the introduction of our new Active Member designation we are revising the Coalition Commitments, which is the pledge all members agree to upon membership registration.

GCC members will need to agree to the changes and renew their commitment of supporting GCC’s targets by completing this form (which takes 5 mins) with additional user information so that we can update our member records. Otherwise, membership remains the same: free and open to all.




Why are these changes being made? 

In the two years since launching GCC there has been significant progress in the conversation around environmental responsibility.


Through the data we have collected via the Carbon Calculator, our sector now has a much clearer understanding of where the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions lie. From speaking directly to many of our members, advisors and stakeholders across the visual arts sector we also have a much clearer understanding of the main issues and the greatest obstacles to change. We have listened to these concerns and taken the advice on board. 


The resulting changes to the commitments reflect this learning, and the progression of the coalition as a whole. Crucially, these changes represent the latest understanding of what effective collective action looks like.


In addition to this, we are in the process of undertaking an overhaul of GCC’s administrative systems, updating our website and creating a new member database. This will allow us to streamline and customise communication with members and greatly improve our effectiveness, but to do so requires the additional information requested. Having a greater understanding of the type of individual or organisations that exist within our coalition, and their needs, means we will be better placed to tailor our guidance to every member type.



What are the new Coalition Commitments?

All GCC’s work is underpinned by two clear targets, which all members must commit to supporting before joining the coalition:

  1. A minimum 50% CO2e emissions reduction across the sector by 2030*

  2. Near-zero waste** operations by 2030, where facilities allow.

In order to achieve these targets GCC asks that members adhere to the following commitments:

  • Take immediate and effective actions in line with GCC’s targets, following the guidelines provided.

  • Establish a Green Ambassador or Green Team within your organisation to liaise with GCC and implement environmental policies.

  • Submit regular carbon reports, either via GCC’s free carbon calculator or by conducting carbon audits with an environmental agency/freelance advisor. Aim to do this on an annual basis.

  • Ensure that action is taken in line with the principles of climate justice, recognising the connections between the climate crisis and other global injustices.

  • Take responsibility for remaining emissions by supporting GCC’s Strategic Climate Funds (SCFs) at a CO2e/tonnes price between $50-100.

  • Communicate commitments via a sustainability statement that is visible on your website and/or social media.

  • Be collaborative and cooperative across the sector and supply chain, supporting one another in the transition to environmentally responsible operations 

In turn, GCC will:

  • Make our tools and resources freely available to all.

  • Provide reliable and actionable information and advice.

  • Leverage our members and community to lobby for industry-wide systemic change.

  • Build an international aligned network of individuals and organisations working collaboratively towards the same goals.

  • Support an active forum for sharing information, ideas, and expertise.

  • Arrange events and discussions on relevant topics.

  • Develop new research and tools to inform and educate members. 

  • Identify and work to remove obstacles leading to inaction in our sector.

  • Commission reports on sector-specific issues.

  • Establish and support region specific groups around the world.

  • Collaborate with and promote other organisations working towards the same goals.

* Reduced from a pre-Covid baseline year. Whilst this target is a sector-wide minimum we do encourage members to go beyond this and a reduction strategy for 70% is outlined in our Decarbonisation Action Plan. See more detail here.

** Near-zero waste is defined by GCC as ‘As close to nothing as possible going to landfill or incinerator, in the regions where facilities permit’.



What do I need to do?

In order to remain registered as a GCC member listed on our website, members must complete this form by the 15th December. We recommend this is completed by your Green Team lead or Green Ambassador.


If you have any questions about the process please don't hesitate to get in touch via info@galleryclimatecoalition.org.  

User data will only be used by the charity for the purposes of administering memberships. The data will be collected and processed in accordance with GDPR and GCC’s Privacy Policy. Personal information will never be shared with any third party for commercial purposes.