• Introduction

    The survey was developed following a period of consultation with multiple shippers, galleries and environmental advisors. The results collate information that was submitted voluntarily by participating shippers.


    We hope that the results highlight the positive work that is already being done by shipping companies. We also hope that the survey results will make it easier for GCC members to identify freight services that are in line with the principles of environmental responsibility and help them to make informed decisions on freight services that are conducive to their climate targets.


    GCC would like to extend a huge thank you to all the participating companies for their contributions. We congratulate them on taking this positive step forward and express our appreciation for their openness and collegial spirit.


    70% of gallery registrars GCC surveyed said they would favour shippers with more sustainability services. Don't see your shipper on the list? Ask them why and put them in touch with us! We would love to include them in the next version.



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