Electricity comprises 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)—the largest emitter! But energy is often the invisible culprit. Since we can’t see it, it’s easy to forget about—which may result in unnecessary waste of energy and money. (Download full KI Book here).


On this page you will see, besides a guide to reducing energy consumption, an overview of guidelines and local German providers which would help you to move your Energy Suppliers into a green one.


Energy Guide

  • As an overarching principal work to reduce energy usage; use energy more efficiently and use renewable energy sources.

  • Switch to reputable green energy suppliers.

  • Update as much as possible the buildings insulation to minimise energy out losses.

  • Switch to LED and sensor lighting where possible.

  • Keep internal temperatures as consistent as possible, avoiding spikes of air conditioning or heating throughout the year.

  • Consider becoming your own energy provider, installing solar panels or biomass systems, if possible. 

  • Consider the grey energy of equipment, buildings, infrastructure related to energy before buying new, i.e try to buy and use second hand.

  • Try to avoid offsetting practices. This is off-shoring the problem rather than solving it. 

  • Source local energy - work with companies who are committed to providing locally produced energy e.g. Buergerwerke 

  • Think about the other principals the energy provider purports: is this a green wing of a global energy player simply green-washing? Or in existence because of investment from nuclear/ coal companies?

  • You have a political power when you consume. Is your energy provider clean? Do they have other ethical interests, such as being a not-for-profit or cooperative?


Further Reading

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Energy Providers:


Most traditional energy suppliers get their power through a mixture of coal, gas, fracking, nuclear, and other forms of non-renewable or environmentally unsustainable fuels. 


When choosing an ethical energy supplier there are a number of things to look out for here.