Launch of GCC Berlin: a new branch of the Gallery Climate Coalition is working to reduce carbon emissions across the art sector world-wide


Today, the Gallery Climate Coalition announces the launch of the GCC Berlin, a new Berlin-based group and dedicated platform offering environmental information and resources for Germany-based art organisations and professionals.


Our core goal remains a commitment to the Paris agreement: that is, to meet the necessary reductions in carbon emissions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. This means collectively finding sustainable solutions for the art industry to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions across the industry by 2030.


The Berlin sub-group and site was born following a principle of collaboration, with the view that although environmental problems are global, possible solutions are often linked to local resources.


Members of GCC Berlin will have access to the GCC carbon calculator, specifically tailored to the art industry, which provides users with the means to determine and monitor their carbon footprint. The calculator was developed and programmed by GCC founding members Artlogic, in collaboration with environmental advisors to the GCC.


In addition, members will benefit from a new, geographically specific section of the Gallery Climate Coalition website, and a forum designed to pool knowledge and resources on a wide-range of topics, from energy providers to art storage, with the aim find local, sustainable solutions.


The GCC Berlin developed from a private initiative by a group of colleagues and art practitioners in the city. It began gathering in early 2021 as well as working in close collaboration with the London initiators of GCC. This has brought together the expertise and will of different personalities involved in various aspects of art production—including gallery owners, conservators, producers, curators, studio managers, transporters and art fair producers.


One of the main aims of GCC Berlin is to develop a system of collaboration, and set new standards of cooperation for more sustainable production and logistic procedures in the art industry.


The founding team of GCC Berlin comprises:  Jennifer Chert (ChertLüdde Gallery), Lucile Bouvard, Helen Turner (E-WERK Luckenwalde), Anne Schwanz (OFFICE IMPART), Carolin Leistenschneider (Haverkampf Gallery), Emiliano Pistacchi (Esther Schipper Gallery), Franziska von Hasselbach and Sven Below (Sprüth Magers Gallery), Kim Kraczon (Studio Olafur Eliasson / Ki Culture), Viola Eickmeier (Studio Violet) and Jan Dietrich. 


On May 13th 2021 at 4pm CET, the GCC Berlin group will get together to host a public Zoom presentation of the site, including a guided tour to show the different aspects of the platform to new, existing and prospective members. To express interest in attending, please email



Quotes from Members: 


"It's wonderful to see the initiative grow, bringing together both established and young galleries and organizations all pulling together. It's not only the big wheels that bring change, but also the small ones that can add up to something big."

Carolin Leistenschneider, Partner, Haverkampf Galerie, Berlin


“It has been so refreshing to join the GCC Berlin group and build a non-hierachichal knowledge bank with the mission to create better sustainable practices for our industry. As a new grassroots institution attempting to pioneer ecological and economic change it is incredibly empowering to take collective action against the climate emergency together.”

Helen Turner, E-WERK Luckenwalde


“As collaborators with artists and participants in the art sector, we recognize that important changes for sustainability require a willingness to change. To do this, we need to take a closer look at the consequences of our own actions. This includes questioning social structures, understanding processes and production chains, and above all, developing appreciative and sustainable concepts that correspond to both our social surroundings and natural environment. Being part of the Berlin branch of the Gallery Climate Coalition offers an initial opportunity to start making a small contribution on a regional level that will hopefully reverberate on a larger scale.”
Viola Eickmeier, Studio Violet /Berlin & Kim Kraczon, Studio Olafur Eliasson / Ki Culture


“Ecology and economy share a common etymological root - eco - from Greek oikos, house, household. At root, eco means dwelling place. So the best place to start is at home or with your own business. That’s why GCC is a such a critical initiative, bringing awarenesses to the art industry.”

Helen Turner, E-WERK Luckenwalde / Anne Schwanz, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin


"The collaborative spirit and common goal of a more sustainable art world feels urgent and inspiring. We’ve realized that our exchange of ideas has to be organized locally, not just through international networks. The effect has been eye-opening: so much can be achieved by activating colleagues and friends from right around the corner. Immediate changes in the way we do business have opened up horizons already. It’s exciting to think that everyone will only work more closely together in the future.“

Franziska von Hasselbach, Senior Director Sprüth Magers Berlin 




April 17, 2021